Commitment and Passion are the constants representing the added value of the Nizzi Group. Advanced logistic services combined to primary transport and distribution let Nizzi be a 360° operator. The goal of the Group is to contribute to the success of the customers by providing efficient, flexible and high quality services. Being able to overcome the daily challenges the market presents, aiming at the total satisfaction of the customer’s needs These objectives are achieved through a constant technological and organizational innovation. A strong staff motivation and continual investments aimed to the improvement of the proposed services. The strength of the Nizzi Group is built on solid foundations.



In 1994 the Nizzi Group obtained the System Certificate of Sincert Quality CSQ 3895-302 IT in the specific sector ISO 9001:2015, dedicated to transport contractors and shipments. The Group has improved the standard procedures, according to European Union regulations, in terms of environment, health and safety in the workplace, in order to obtain the specific certifications.



The essential values of the Nizzi Group are the protection of the environment and the continuous pursuit of a more sustainable development. This purpose is achieved through the implementation of procedures to reach tangible results. Its fleet is constantly renewed and composed exclusively of “last generation” vehicles, the efficiency of which is guaranteed by constant checks by the internal workshop. Drivers are trained to an eco-friendly drive, so that they’re able to achieve real savings in fuel consumption. An efficient management of the logistics, aimed to reduce empty kilometers, helps reducing CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. Since its establishment, the management has committed to develop a work environment where safety, health, welfare and rights must be protected as essential values. Day after day, the Nizzi Group keeps on considering honesty and legality as solid foundations on which the company continues to grow.

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