"Transport in motion"


Every request is an imperative

The Nizzi Group has a large fleet at its disposal which can provide a customizable, reliable and punctual transport service. The great variety of vehicles and the presence of specialized drivers enables the company to meet customer needs, thus adapting the service to various productive cycles and rhythms, so that variations are possible at any time.
The Track & Trace system permits a steady check over the exact location of the goods, thanks to the satellite control equipped on all the vehicles owned by the company.

A competitive and flexible support to any customer's need, offering additional services such as “just-in-time” deliveries.

Collection and combination of different goods thanks to its logistic platforms, so to optimize transport costs.

Very fast deliveries for small volumes everywhere in Europe, granted by always available, efficient sprinter vans.

Tipper trailers and tanks for transportation of dry bulk materials, such as alloys, sand, cement and other building materials.