A highly advanced logistics management

The Nizzi Group provides advanced logistic services, targeted to the specific needs of the customer. They include activities such as: collection from the supplier, automated management of the goods available in the collection centres, planning on the production process basis of the incoming goods transport to production plants, management of the sorting centres with picking and packaging, widespread distribution. The multi-year experience of the Group ensures total efficiency in the supply chain management in order to obtain a solid improvement both for production and economic purposes.
The Nizzi Group offers a logistic consulting services to companies seeking for optimization of their own logistic processes. In addition to the iron and steel field, Nizzi is specialized in the transportation and management of food and beverages, automotive and electronic components, alloys, and photovoltaic plants.

This service, along with the storage activity, allows a widespread collection and distribution of the goods throughout the entire country, managing product movements, storage and final delivery.

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